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Screaming Beavers - Bite My @$$

AGAIN! 2 Years in a Row! Best “Punk Rock Band” for 2010!

The Screaming Beavers® have been nominated again! That makes it 2 years in a row for the Best “Punk Rock Band” for 2010 at the Niagara Music Awards.

“Thanks again to the Niagara Music Awards’ organizers, especially Morgan, the city of Welland, all our fans, families and friends who are still sticking it out to the end! Cheers! We got a massive year ahead of us and we are loaded, cocked and ready to fire!” – Dik Lee (AKA: Lid) (Front man for the Screaming Beavers®).

The Screaming Beavers® music has been selected to be played on many upcoming films including the film “polluted” that was submitted for the next upcoming Toronto International Film Festival in 2010

A 3rd album release in scheduled for late December 2010 and a tour across Canada is in the works following the release.

***(((read full press release in pdf format)))***

Checkout the website: www.screamingbeavers.com


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