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World Premiere of “polluted” at the Local Focus 4 Film Festival!

See Pics - Trailer - Festival Updates and more!!!!!

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25 Mar 11

“polluted” will make World Premiere at the Local Focus 4 Film Festival

From the Dragons Den to the world premiere of “polluted” – Dik Lee leads Phylum MVM to the Local Focus 4 Film Festival, the first of many festival appearances up and coming in the near future.

“polluted” stars Dik Lee, featured on CBC’s Dragons Den & front man from the Screaming Beavers® - 2 time nominee at the Niagara Music Awards (

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Leonard Mario Zgrablić, graduate of Drama at the University of Waterloo, appearance in: The Real MASH - Storyline Entertainment for History Television & star of: I Want To Meet My Water Buffalo – rattailfilms (

“polluted” was inspired by a true story and grapples around intense social, global, political and environmental issues.


The World is in trouble… As the aliens conspire to … ‘blah, blah, blah … something the earth’ … Join Johnny and Josepie in their adventurous trip of psychological and philosophical mayhem. As our dynamic duo battle (talk) their way through a psychological twister their experiences lead to something that one might consider is the beginning to the end of the human race!? – You decide!? Living up to the title of the film – “polluted” – was shot using one Kodak DC 3400 still frame camera! YES that’s right thousands of photographs!!! “polluted” is output in an anamorphic D4 widescreen format with an aspect ratio of: 2.67:1

Leonard Mario Zgrablić“I'm honoured to be a part of this project. "polluted" proves that experimental films can also be entertaining!”

Dik Lee“Our group is completely honored to have the world premiere of “polluted” at the Local Focus 4 Film Festival and it’s just the start of what we are about to unravel with the Phylum® trademark.”

The Local Focus 4 Film Festival will be held on April 17-23, 2011 at the Multicultural Centre in Kitchener, Ontario. More information and festival updates can be found at:

For interview and media bookings call the office at: 905-397-8713 or email:


Altiustoons™ Bumpin’ Die® DVD Board Game


ooooo PRESS RELEASE ooooo

“We went into the Dragons’ Den with guns blazing and the Dragons started freakin’ out! Now you get to see the aftermath on CBC!” - says Dik Lee – CEO and President of Altius Games® Inc. & President of Phylum® MVM.

Phylum® MVM and Altius Games® Inc. team up and were one of the fortunate to be selected to pitch their business concept at the CBC Studios in the Dragons’ Den. Now it has been finalized by the producers of Dragons’ Den that the show will air on CBC.

Check out: CBC Television **(season 5 - episode 2)**

Altius Games® - was winner of the “Game of the Year Award – 2009” for the Altiustoons™ Bumpin’ Die® DVD Board Game.  (For more information check out the website: and

Phylum® MVM – a marketing and production company has been providing solutions for many businesses throughout Southern Ontario since 1999. (For more information check out the website: and



Altius Games®

New Release: "The Adventures of Plinko"

See Pics - Trailer - Festival Updates and more!!!!!

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Dik Lee interview on Cogeco TV at the Niagara Music Awards 2010
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